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Equestrian Sports New Zealand

To earn points in ESNZ (NZEF) events you must be a member and your horse must be registered.

ESNZ Membership

When you apply for Membership you will recieve a membership card with your details and ESNZ official Competitor entry forms.  The Competitor entry forms provide a space to place up to three different Horse Registration Stickers and are used to enter into ESNZ Events and A & P Society Events.

Membership Application Form

Horse/Pony Registration Application Form

Dressage Downgrading Form

Day Membership Competitor Entry form


Points are allocated to each horse based on the percentage gained in each test.

1 point 57-59.99%
3 points 60-62.99%
5 points 63-66.99%
7 points 67%+

These points accumulate and are recorded on the National Database.  Upon gaining 30 points in any grade the horse/pony may not compete in any level below that grade.


Dressage competitions are divided into six grades and nine levels.


0              0  training  (Non - graded only)

1              1  Preliminary              

2              2  Novice                      

3              3  Elementary              

4              4  Medium                      

5              5  Open Medium          

6              6  Advanced - Prix St Georges

7                  Advanced - Intermediate I

8                  Advanced - Intermediate II

9                  Advanced - Grand Prix (Olympic Level)


Dressage New Zealand has 20 Area Groups throughout New Zealand.

Click here to go to the Dressage New Zealand website.